Due to Covid-19 last march wecanceled ourannualevent “Fiera Ottima” whichisrelated to the historical Fiera Pessima in Manduria.

As Fiera Pessima nowhasbeenrescheduled fromseptember 1st till 6th wedecided to make a smallerevent, oneshot, on Saturdaysept. 5th.
Itwill be nice and funnybutwehave to ask for reservationupfront in order to limitand control the number of peopleattending, in respect of the antiCovidrules.


6:00pm BarefootGrapeStompinginAnarkosvat, to produce about 1500 bottles of wine.
9:30pm “Anarkos Ensemble” in Concert – a new contemporary music project


a) Quattro sfumature di fave (fave beanspurée with vegetablesaside)
b) Pizzarieddi cu lujadduzzu (maccheroncini e orecchiette with organicchickensauce)
c) Panino del moderno “fabbricatore” (revisited “worker sandwich” with meat)

Entry Ticketincludes:
• Onedish or one sandwich plus a glass of wine Eur 25,00
• Additionaldishes or sandwiches Eur 8,00
• Additionalglass of wine Eur 4,00


It’slimited to max 20 people. To participateat the grapestomping in the woodvatyouneed to:
a) Book and registeryourselfat Spazio Primitivo withinseptember 3rd by 6:00 pm
b)Follow the presciptions and guidelinesdeliveredat booking desk;
c)Paythe additionalparticipationfeeEur 20,00*.


*Feeincludes an Anarkosshirtto be wornbeforeentering the woodvat and alsogives the right to receive a bottle of the wine (A) Piede Libero, when ready.